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“Never never,” short story, The Faery Reel anthology, ed. Datlow and Windling, 2004. 

“The Pond, in 3-D,” short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, 2002.

“If I Never Get Back,” short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, 2001.

“Thrushbeard,” short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, 2000.

"When Beasts Eat Roses," short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, March-April 2000.

"Taking Loup," short story, Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers, ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Avon Books, 1997.

          Reprinted in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Twelfth Annual Collection, 1999.

"Glamour," short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, November-December 1999.

"Wailer," short story, Realms of Fantasy magazine, July-August 1999.

"True Thomas," short story, Black Swan, White Raven anthology, ed. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Avon Books, 1997.

"Phobos," poem, Weird Tales magazine, 1999.

Introductory Essay to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Classics Illustrated series, Acclaim Books, 1997.

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Scott among the Romantics


Walter Scott's Critical and Poetic Contributions to the Romantic Movement
by Bruce Glassco
Director: Paul Cantor

This is my Ph.D. dissertation, from way back in 1992. I'm posting it here so that, instead of moldering away in a back room of the U.Va. English Department, it can now molder away on the internet. Perhaps some day, some Scott scholar will Google her way here and read it and find it useful. If so, let me know -- I'll be thrilled!





Once upon a time, long ago, my friends and I used to write weekend-long larps (live-action role playing games). Sometimes, they still get run in far-off parts of the world.

The Torch of Freedom

1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee





Right now, my current project is working on a grammar textbook / roleplaying game.

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