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Beach Trip "Bring Your Own Book" game

  1. Choose a book that you're currently reading or have recently finished. It can be anything at all -- a novel, a class textbook, a technical manual -- whatever.

  2. Go to this page and announce what book you're going to use.

  3. I will draw a card from the deck and announce a topic. Here are some examples from the game's blurb: "What's the tastiest “name for a candy bar” in that history textbook you're reading for school? How quickly can you find “lyrics from a country western song” in your dog-training guide? What kind of “advice for graduating seniors” will appear in your anthology of limericks?"

  4. Everyone will have 24 hours to come up with a sentence, group of sentences, or phrase from their book and post it.

  5. Then we will have another 24 hours to vote for our favorite entry.

  6. Winner of the round gets to choose the topic from the next card.

  7. Go!

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