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Master of Depravity, embodiment of sin,

I stalk the winter caverns where the winter storms begin.

I lurk, behind the nightmares, at the bottom of your brain.

But at night, you'll hear me scratching on your bedroom windowpane.


They think that I am dead and gone, a victim of our age,

But they'll never stop my laughter while the winter storms still rage!

I'm on the moons of Mars, and at the bottoms of the seas.

But at night, you'll hear my laughter when the wind blows through the trees.


They let me reign in Paris!  Ah, that was the best of times.

They made me judge in Salem, and I made up all the crimes.

I marched before the soldiers on the highway from the Reich.

But at night, you'll see my shadow when you hear the lightning strike.


I've hunted side by side with Grendel, Fafnir, Jaws, King Kong.

I howl out in the moonlight when the full moon waxes strong.

I haunted Edgar Allen Poe with dreams of Death and Doom.

But at night, you'll hear boards creaking, as I creep up to your room.


Now, perhaps you don't believe in things that bump you in the night,

And perhaps ghoulies and ghosties leave you quite devoid of fright.

So, perhaps, when you crawl into bed, you'll never hear a sound.

But at night,

               When lights are out,







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