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To a World That's Coming


(a lipogram)








Wait!  A world is coming, it's coming soon,


  Growing as corn grows.  A world is on its way


  Cryptic as woman, warm as primordial clay,


Blowing in softly as a mighty cloud, and high as a waxing moon.




Our swift ships will soon find far-off stars


  And worlds unafraid, dancing through fabulous nights


  And holy days, brilliant with millions of lights,


A vast cornucopia, but finally lacking all our old wars.




Arriving, you will find winds that rip away


  Things you had thought vital, as winds blow


  Sounds from this song.  But you will know


That what winds cannot undo must stay


  Always.  Across our last-found world storms will grow,


Blowing in dawn, announcing at last our final, miraculous day.

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