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My daughter has been making movies! How cool is that? Lisa and I are even in a few of them!

  • Showdown at Sweet Tooth Junction  For 2017 Adrenaline 72-hour film competition. Required elements: Western, a string of pearls, "Half is more than enough." The newly hired storekeep stands his ground against a gang of sugar fueled hombres in a comedic spin on the modern-day western.

  • Uncle Jimmy  For 2018 48-hour film project. Required elements: Ghost story, Reporter Jenna MacDonald, a hamburger, "You missed the point." A teenage boy refuses to attend his uncle’s funeral, so his uncle visits him.

  • Junior Year  How much homework is too much homework? Matthew is about to find out in his junior year.

  • Shoulder Spirits  When a home-sick student goes to her new school for the first time, she is greeted by two mischievous spirits.

  • Granny Gavin  The new hallway safety monitor is causing some problems at the high school, until one student takes a stand to make sure the fun comes to an end.

  • Every Movie Ever  A parody of, well, what the title says.

  • Nuts and Bolts About You  A love story about a boy and his robot.

  • Holiday PSA

Here's one she acted in:

She's even recorded songs!

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